About Us

Nia Ministries was founded by Nikki Mosgrove, in 2019. She is an active Member of Trenton Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and serves on the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Administrative Council. Additionally, she is on the Board of Trustees of the Friends Foundation for Aging and the School of the Spirit Quaker Ministry.

A Trenton native, she attended Northfield Mount Hermon School for high school, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College, a Master’s degree from Seton Hall University and a certificate in nonprofit management from LaSalle University’s School of Business. She currently coordinates state and federal grants for a local municipality.

Workshops and Seminars

·         Quakerism 101: a Worldwide Perspective

·         Women Speaking Justified 2.0

·         Fundraising for Friends Meetings and Organizations

·         What Does Inward Light Mean to You? How Do You Share It with the World?

·         Black People in the Bible: a Historical Perspective

·         Living Quaker Testimonies in the World

·         Using Quaker Spiritual Practice to Strengthen Your Social Activism

·         Exploring Bible Study among Friends

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